Promika Launches ZoGuard® Plus for Flea and Tick Prevention

Promika LLC launches ZoGuard Plus, a new flea and tick preventive treatment. ZoGuard Plus contains fipronil and (s)-methoprene, the same two active ingredients used in Frontline Plus®.

ZoGuard Plus works quickly to kill adult fleas and ticks. It breaks the flea cycle by preventing flea eggs and larvae from maturing. ZoGuard Plus provides the same excellent flea and tick protection as Frontline Plus at a better value.

“ZoGuard Plus offers a more affordable alternative to Frontline Plus for flea and tick control,” said Randy Canady, president and chief executive officer. “It is not difficult to control fleas, ticks, and other pet pests. A simple topical application of ZoGuard Plus, applied monthly, can keep your pet healthy and happy for less cost.”

ZoGuard Plus is available for small, medium, large and extra-large dogs and for cats. Always use the proper dosage based on your pet’s size.

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